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    Spring Decor for the Home

    Looking for a way to brighten & lighten up your home for spring? Well, I got ya covered! I try not to overdo it when it comes to decorating and switching things up for a new season. And while I do love a fresh change, I’ve found that simple, subtle touches make a bigger impact than swapping every item out in your entire home. These simple, yet stylish touches not only help make a space spring ready, but are versatile enough to last year round! Click the image to be taken to the item. This article contains affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure¬†here.

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    Our Bedroom – Sources + Product List

    You guys asked, and I’m happily delivering! Our bedroom didn’t always look like this (click here to see what it looked like before). It’s taken us well over two years to get to a point where we’re extremely happy & comfortable, and love retreating to it at the end of the day. It went through A LOT of transition, mostly shopping our home, but over time bringing in quality items that we loved after saving up for it. And honestly, I’m so happy we did it that way because it’s made us appreciate everything we have even more! So here you go, for everyone wanting to know where we found…

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    Home Office Mood Board & Sources

    Home offices are becoming more and more common these days as entrepreneurs & companies alike are seeing the benefits of working from home. So it’s important to have a dedicated work space. And as a work at home Mama, trust me when I say I know the importance of having that dedicated work space. Which is why I wanted to design & plan a home office for our place so I can finally ditch working at our dining table – which isn’t horrible, but it’s not exactly ideal either. The plan is to replace the large dresser that’s siting in our living room, and replace it with the work space.…

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    Bedroom Mood Board & Sources

    My goal with this bedroom mood board was to create a calm & warm space on a very realistic budget. Well, that last part is always my goal, in any planning I do for a new space or project. I’ve never believed you need to drop a ton of money in order to create a beautiful, welcoming space. Dream spaces can happen on the friendliest of budgets. With this particular project, the budget was $1500. After some searching and narrowing down from my favorite places, that dream space came together under budget at $1,177.39! Here are the sources & prices: Please let me know if you have any questions on…

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    Plant Accessories & Decor Round Up Post

    Spring is right around the corner – YAY!! So naturally, I’ve been eyeing up all the greenery & eye catching accessories that seem to come alive even more in Spring. And I’ve rounded up all my favorites in this post for you! Enjoy! This article contains affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure here.

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    Pantry Closet Makeover

    When we moved into this rental, we were thrilled to discover we finally had a pantry closet! No more having cans, jars & cereal boxes crammed into random cabinet space all over the kitchen or on top of the fridge. All the non-refrigerated food could go into one place! It made life MUCH easier! But after a while of going in there, I started to realize how unorganized and meh looking it was. It definitely did not spark joy – haha! So I started to hit up Pinterest & Instagram for inspiration, and found a couple of items from different places like IKEA, Amazon & Target and put together a…

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    Our Journey to Becoming Debt-Free

    I’ve gotten a lot of questions recently about the specific steps my husband and I took to get out of debt. So I thought it’d be a good opportunity to share it here on the blog for all of those asking and looking for ways to do the same. Before I jump into the steps we took, I will say that probably the most important part of this process is realizing how critical it is to accept the fact that you’re in debt and what that means for you, your family and your future. We hadn’t really realized just how bad our debt had gotten until three years after we…

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    Pantry Storage Organization Ideas

    If you’ve been following along on my Instagram, you know that my latest project is organizing the pantry. And I’ve never had a pantry to organize before, so I’m pretty excited for this! My plan is to go with a mix of glass + BPA plastic free containers and neutral colored baskets. Here are a couple of my favorite finds so far. Be sure to follow along on Instagram and Pinterest for the progress! This article contains affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure¬†here.

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    Indoor Winter Activities For the Kiddos

    We all know the winter months with kids can be rough, especially if you live in the midwest like we do. Stuck indoors most days, kids climbing the walls and me running out of activities to keep them busy. But we’ve found a couple of ways to keep boredom at bay and the Mama sane. And of course, I’m happy to share! Hot Cocoa Bar – We love hot cocoa! And the boys enjoy helping me make it. It’s the sweetest family activity that we’ve really come to treasure. Allow them to get involved by letting them stir, and once it’s ready, set up a a little bar area so…

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    Stylish Neutral Throw Pillow Covers Under $15 From Amazon

    Good, stylish finds don’t have to break the bank. I’ve always believed that. So I’ve made it a mission to share with you all, the different ways to decorate your home for less! And today’s finds – Throw Pillow covers for under $15 on Amazon! If you don’t already have some pillow inserts on hand, I included a couple at the very end for under $10. Or, if you have some older throw pillows that fit the cover size and they’re not currently being used, give them a purpose and use them as inserts! Yet just another way to save on style. (prices below do not include shipping) This article…